LinuxMed 2005

From September 1st to November 30th, 2005. Over Internet


LinuxMed 2005 is the First Virtual Meeting over Internet of Free and Libre Opensource Software , and its applications in Health Care and related disciplines.


LinuxMed 2005 is developing in association with the FCVC Fourth cardiology Virtual congress over Internet, the most important international meeting in this field every two years. LinuxMed is organized by BioLinux Group, CETIFAC (Tele-informatics Center of FAC) and LAD (opensource e-learning system).


The exprience begun with LinuxMed 2002, developed by BioLinux Group, from July 1st to 3rd, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We invite you to participate in LinuxMed 2005 sharing your experience in the opensource development and implementation. Please, see the instructions for lectures here. Death line is June 30th, 2005. For more information contact us [email protected]


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Instructions for lecturers.


Look at the suscription Map here.


Statistics from 30th September, 2005


Jorge Raul Rodriguez, M.D. BioLinux Group Founder



Prof. Armando Pacher, M.D. CETIFAC Director



Alberto Menini, M.D.

Medical Coordinator of BioLinux Group


Honorable President       

Eng. Diego Saravia.

President of LinuxMed 2002.


See whole memeber in this page.

Tematic Program:


Opensource software introduction in health.


Why do we use opensource in health institutions?


Integration and implementation of opensource in health enviroments.


Integration of opensource into desktop.


Migration to opensource platform in health institutions.

Opensource developments and apps used now in health.


Care2x HIS aplicaction.


iPath Platform


NetEpi. Epidemiology On Line.


Future strategies for opensopurce implementation into health institutions.